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Rape Case Against Ex-IMF Chief Strauss Kahn!

Strauss KahnStrauss Kahn

The rape case against ex-International Monetary Fund Chief Dominique Strauss Kahn denied amid reports of problems with the Prosecutor and the defence attempted to deposit. The governess that violence accused Strauss Kahn, said repeatedly lied to authorities because they are the first reported the alleged attack on 14 may, the New York Times, quoting unnamed police officials. A source close to the case confirmed News, that Strauss Kahn would you lawyers who press bail Friday on doubts about the prosecution reduced the story. Read more

Orca Ears Inspire Researchers!


If you would like to hear the best equipment of underwater sounds, where should you look? Department of a high end audio company, but a group of researchers from Stanford Orca whales for their inspiration I would control most of the sales people. Inspire Orca whales have ears that hear a wide range of frequencies in an environment with wild fluctuations in water pressure. This is a human ear, very different can hear frequencies limited under the pressure of the air relatively constant. The harvest of underwater microphones seem more to human ears. You can perform a limited amount of sound recording and not good under pressure. Read more

Maria Sharapova Wimbledon Finals!


Wimbledon it was all about the serve at Wimbledon on Thursday, it was Maria Sharapova and Petra Kvitova, who survived the ups and deep Centre Court to reach the final. The fifth-seeded Sharapova, that Club in 2004, won the first of his three Grand Slam titles at the all-England, exceeded the 13 double error, Sabine Lisicki 6-4, 6-3 defeat. Trabzonspor has reached the first grand final by nine ACEs to win 6-1, 3-6, 6-2-Victoria Azarenka. Read more

Stephen Colbert Gets Answers On Campaign Finance!

Stephen ColbertStephen Colbert

WASHINGTON: Stephen Colbert has won approval of the Federal Election Commission Thursday set up a super-PAC. “Is your super CAP form and you can do,” Colbert said. Stephen Colbert, playing a Conservative Pundit TV on “The Colbert Report, Colbert want super PAC to start a political action Committee of the gender of that unlimited amounts of money from corporations, unions and individuals against candidates in the elections, independent or 2012 by issues such as the TV show would.” Read more

David Tepper Denies Keeping $100 Million In His Savings Account!

David TepperDavid Tepper

Switch yesterday published a photo of an entrance of ATM way East Hampton threw the balance, $99,864, 731, after the retirement of a $ 400 cash showed. Later in the day, the owner of the mystery was the preservation of the wandering become nothing more than a hedge fund King, David Tepper. Read more

Glenn Beck Final I’m Better Than Jon Stewart!

Glenn BeckGlenn Beck

While most eyes as a completely serious, political commentator Glenn Beck spent most of his career, trying to explain that they don’t get it, one for the most part, the type of right Jon Stewart. Take that to the logical conclusion,Glenn Beck a segment dedicated his last show today analyze statistics that he believes that “rival” is superior to its staff, be the taking of evidence analogy speaks for twice as long, with less than half of the authors. Read more

Secret bout girls~

I learned this almost 2 years plus ago when I first got to know more my ex personally cause we only met for the 2nd time that time but I was madly in love with her. So I wanted to learn a bit more of girls so that I'd be able to handle her regardless the situation.

So hope you guys enjoy reading it and guys would be able to learn some info about them, the ladies.

When a GIRL is quiet,
Millions of things are running in her mind
When a GIRL is not arguing,
She is thinking deeply
When a GIRL looks at u with eyes full of
She is wondering how long you will be
When a GIRL answers "i'm fine" after a
few seconds,
She is not at all fine
When a GIRL stares at you,
She is wondering why you are lying
When a GIRL lays on your chest,
She is wishing for you to be hers forever
When a GIRL calls you everyday,
She is seeking for your attention
When a GIRL sms's u everyday,
She wants you to reply at least once
When a GIRL says I love you,
She means it
When a GIRL says that she can't live
without you,
She has made up her mind that you are
her future
When a GIRL says "i miss you",
No one in this world can miss you more
than that.

- Unknown

 Well girls are generally soft creatures compared to guys. Though times are changing and there are a lot of strong females living right now, they still need the special care. They eager for such tender touch of feelings, words, and affection.

But regardless guy or girl, everyone loves to see the pretty elegant ladies strutting around. But we do have ego clashes a lot these days. These things make our world a living hell as people break each others hearts due to a lot reasons. Since previously I've posted about 20 things guys should never do to girls before, I hope this post would help make life easier for both the guys and girls.

Cheers all!!

Second Chances: I Will Never Take You For Granted Again

The following story was written for entertainment purposes only. It is a fictional work derived from the mind of the writer and in no way should be taken as a factual account of any past or planned event. Anyone mentioned in this story is done so in a fictional fashion. Any names used are purely coincidental and does not mean that the characters have any life outside the writer’s imagination.

I strongly advise you to only read what you are personally comfortable with. I will not feel personally responsible for any discomfort you feel after reading my post since I have given you ample warning to its content. Once again the following post is meant to be read by mature audiences capable of making consensual decisions. If this is not you please stop reading immediately.

I stood staring out the window waiting as I had done so many evenings before. He was late again but this was really no surprise; he is late frequently. In fact Jay rarely ever arrived home on time. I normally do not allow myself to get angry about it because love helps people accept your lover’s inadequacies, but this night as I watched my ice cream cake melt and the lasagna grow cold I lost myself in anger. I knew my anger would never change anything but it felt good to lose myself in the passionate fury.

As I stood there in my lace lingerie and high heeled shoes I thought about how many times he had been late over the last year but it was always with a good excuse. Minutes turned into an hour as my high heeled shoes impatiently tapped against the hardwood floors.

Finally I heard a car outside and then a knock on the door. I thought he must have forgotten his key and ran to the door to answer it. Two men in full military uniform were standing at my front door. I grab the curtain to hide my body. They introduce themselves to me and I reciprocated. I didn’t hear anything after the older man said, “Dreadfully sorry ma’am…” I stood there still half dressed with the curtain across my half naked body.

Just as the men walked away my cell phone rings and he is on the other end. “I was called into a last minute meeting sweetheart. I will be home soon.” Now the man’s words came to me clearly, “Dreadfully sorry ma’am to inconvenience you. We have the wrong address.” I watched in deep sorrow as the car pulled into my neighbor’s driveway; however I felt like I was given a second chance to show him how much I love him and leave the petty jealousies and anger behind. Isn’t life really so much more valuable to me than cold food? I can always warm it in the microwave but once he is gone that is forever.

I was waiting for him at the door as he arrived. I wrapped myself around him as he carried me through the house removing his uniform as we went. I remained wrapped around him the rest of the night as I held him tighter than ever before. This day was a turning point in our relationship and I will never take him for granted again. I am a very lucky woman to have him in my life and I will never forget that again.

Mark Engblom covers Adventure Comics 270

Original cover by Curt Swan and Stan Kaye; DC 1960. Mark Engblom's site is here.

Prince Albert And Charlene Step Out In Monaco!

Prince AlbertPrince Albert

Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert had a public display of affection today morning in Munich, showing that still very anxiously await together forever and their marriage on Friday and Saturday. The British daily mail, Charlene is seen tour happy with her husband to be. Read more

Hanging Armenia Dirty Laundry In Public!


President Serge Sarkisian had a grand entrance to the Parliamentary Assembly of Europe pace in Strasbourg last week. In a half-hour speech of turbines, Armenia reported to present Interior and of Foreign Affairs of his country in the best light for a foreign audience. On national level Sarkisian spoke of the fight against corruption, fair and transparent elections and overcome the consequences of the tragic events of March 2008. Read more

Shia Labeouf And Megan Fox Hooked Up On 'Transformers' Set!

Shia LabeoufShia Labeouf

In an interview with new information, extremely Candid approved while Shia LaBeouf, who was connected with Megan Fox shoot “Transformers” and now a confirmed the source set. “Look, you’re on the set for six months, are drawn with someone you are attracted to you, and you rooting for them is cheering” information Shia Labeouf says in its latest edition. “I never understood the separation between work and life in this situation.” “But the time I spent was with Megan our thing, and I think chemistry can see on the screen.” Read more

Canada Day 2011 Fireworks!

Canada DayCanada Day

2011 Canada Day fireworks in Toronto happens on a large scale in some places, not to mention the different performances taking place in the backyard and neighborhood parks throughout the city. A notable absence is the annual exhibition view downs, which takes place during the day Park, which was canceled the concert headliner tragically hip on Friday this year. Read more

Meghana Raj Actress Images Stills Gallery

Forex Trading!


trading is one of the best business opportunities, where you can be involved in. You can trade at home or somewhere, the Forex market, as long as it is an Internet connection. The Forex market offers a unique business opportunity to a large amount of money and achieve financial freedom. Very importantly, if you start in Forex trading is to learn the safest. All Forex traders must begin somewhere, and if you’re trying to determine what is the Forex market without excessive investment, then there are some free online Forex training resources where you might get some great Forex trading tips. Read more

Nokia R5 Price and Features


NOKIA E5 Features and Specification
  • Brand : Nokia
  • Model : E5
  • Type : Mobile Phone
  • Messaging : SMS/MMS/Email
  • Camera : 5 megapixel
  • Camera Zoom : Digital Zoom with Autofocus & LED Flash
  • QWERTY Keypad
  • Video Capture
  • Memory Inbuilt : 250 MB
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth/USB Ports/Wifi
  • Internet : GPRS/EDGE/HTML
  • Entertainment : Games/FM Radio/Music Player/Ringtones
  • Operating Frequency : Quadband GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Technology : Java Technology/3G/OS
  • Staddby Time/Talk Time : Upto 690 Hours/Upto 18 Hours
  • Phone Kit : Headset/Speaker/Charger/USB Cable/user Guide/Handset

    Amber Rose Got Caught L-eaked Photos!

    Amber RoseAmber Rose

    Was the cause of Nicki Minaj from friend Safaree distributed n-ude photos of amber rose at the end of last year? Amber Rose n-ude photos is subject to a recent report by Mediatakeout. The gossip page supports the photo model, which is absolutely Nothing left to the imagination that Nicki Minaj sent friend last year. It cites a source as a “super duper reliable insider in the field of Young Money” described as their informant for posts by Amber rose. Read more

    Chris Hansen Caught Cheating On Wife, Hidden Camera!

    Chris HansenChris Hansen

    It seems that the tactic of sting, Chris Hansen, famous can come back to bite big time. The National Enquirer reported that she cheats on host “to catch a predator” wife with Caddell, enjoy the news reporter of NBC affiliate twenty one years that Florida’s youngest with hidden camera caught. Hansen is married and has two children and lives in Connecticut. Read more

    Charlize Theron Marriage Not Planning!

    Charlize TheronCharlize Theron

    Charlize Theron has explained that it would not get married until gay marriage was legalized in the United States, but now that you say marriage is completely is cursing. In a recent interview Piers Morgan tonight’s Oscar winning actress, his position on gay marriage discussed and revealed that her marriage in their future. Read more

    Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

    5 Avengers Who Could Be Great Justice Leaguers

    I don’t have to essentially repeat my intro from the other day in reverse, do I? If you haven’t already, go back and read my post on Justice Leaguers who would make great Avengers—or at least the first couple paragraphs—and then come back here.

    Done? Ok, let’s rock…

    Yep, right out the gate with a big one, I think Tony Stark and his armored alter ego would be a tremendous asset to the Justice League of America. Iron Man is definitely your classic “feet of clay” Marvel hero rather than your idealized DC type, but if you look at his history, he’s all about rising to both the occasion and the people around him. Tony started out as military contractor, but upon experiencing the horror of war vowed to be better regardless of the personal and financial hits he would take. He may have fought a Civil War against Captain America, but he also has incredible respect for Steve Rogers and has been working overtime to be a hero worthy of standing alongside Cap since he thawed him out of the ice. Being an Avenger has always brought out the best in Iron Man and I believe being part of the Justice League would do the same. Tony Stark is both ultra-competitive and extremely—figuratively—goodhearted. He’d not only want to be on the same level as Superman, he’d want to prove he can be even better; he’d not only need to earn Batman’s respect, he’d have to beat him at being the best billionaire altruist and hero—I bet they’d actually go from a grudging respect to being good friends! He may almost irritatingly competitive, but it comes from a good place, and I believe Iron Man would utilize all his considerable resources to take both himself and the Justice League to untold levels of greatness.

    Nobody ever thought teen model Patsy Walker could make it as a super hero, but she did—she became an Avenger! Ever since, Hellcat has been bucking the odds, whether that means earning her place on a team where Namor was arguably the weakest member, making a marriage with the son of the devil work—temporarily—or coming back from the freaking dead. Bottom line: If you tell Patsy Walker she can’t do something, she will do it. If Patsy lived in the DC Universe, she would march right up to the Hall of Justice or build her own spaceship to fly to the moon and you better believe she would join the Justice League. Hellcat’s just the right amount of sugar and spice to make things interesting for DC’s pantheon of champions. She’s a sweetheart who would probably be a great gal pal to Wonder Woman and Zatanna, make Superman smile and get Batman to loosen up; she’s also as fierce as her namesake and would tell Green Arrow where to stick it, let Plastic Man know to shut it and get Batman to loosen up. Hellcat would be a neat variation on Black Canary—who she’d make a great foil for/confidante to—as an underestimated little lady with the spunk and skills to hang with the big guns.

    If there’s one Avenger who doesn’t understand intimidation, it’s Monica Rambeau. She named herself Captain Marvel despite the moniker previously belonging to a legendary universal champion who died surrounded by the great heroes ever and didn’t flinch in trying to live up to it. She joined an Avengers team that included Captain America and Thor and did not just earn her spot but was chosen to be their leader before she’d even really completed her rookie season. Whether as Photon or just herself, she’ll fly into any situation with poise, confidence and skill to ensure the resolution that guarantees the safety of those around her. She has incredible powers that allow her to travel across galaxies in an eye blink or put down the toughest bad guys. There is no quality Monica Rambeau possessed that does not make her an ideal candidate for the Justice League. Picture her and The Flash as two light-fast streaks racing into battle. Imagine what she could do matching energy abilities with Green Lantern. Just think what a master strategist like Batman could do if he knew he had this kind of resource at his disposal. They’d be lucky to have her.

    Wendell Vaughn is tagged as a guy with tremendous potential to be a great Avenger, but his sticking point has always been that with his other duties as Protector of the Universe and need to mainly stay in outer space for cosmic adventures, he hasn’t really been able to commit as much time to the team as they’d like. The nice thing about the Justice League is they don’t really mind if you miss a meeting or ten, just so long as you deliver when it counts. Any Green Lantern who has ever been in the League can’t be there all the time because they’ve got a whole sector to patrol, but they make it work. Batman comes and goes as he pleases, but the void gets filled. The Justice League has enough powerhouses that they can afford to be without Quasar one mission and then appreciate his presence the next. Speaking of power, as a member of the recently former Annihilators, Wendell has demonstrated that just as how I described Tony Stark earlier he’s a guy who plays up to the people he’s surrounded by, so being around other super-charged heroes would only raise his game. Quasar’s also just such a nice, even-keeled guy that he’d probably fit in better with the generally harmonious League than the oft-bickering Avengers.

    Jonathan Hart never really got much of a chance to find his true potential as an Avenger or a hero because his powers were so unstable he had to spend most of his time locked in an isolated room and then when he got out he exploded a lot—right up until his death. The combined brainpower of Hank Pym and Tony Stark couldn’t find a solution to Jack of Hearts’ condition, but for some reason I feel like the DC Universe could. The Justice League is a melting pot of such varied cultures as Kryptonian, Thanagarian and Martian, not to mention the New Gods of New Genesis, all of which have technology even further beyond our imagination than Iron Man’s armor. A city like Metropolis where the future is now doesn’t really exist in the Marvel Universe; the Guardians of the Galaxy don’t visit the present nearly as often as the Legion of Super-Heroes. Bottom line, while the Avengers certainly live in a world where anything is possible, I think the one that surrounds the Justice League is even a bit more far out, and my gut tells me they’d find a way to “cure” Jack of Hearts, who would be so grateful he’d be one of the most committed members their team had ever known.

    Alex Kim covers X-men 6

    Original cover by Jim Lee and Art Thibert; Marvel 1992. Alex Kim's website is here.

    My Harry Potter Rant

    I saw the first Harry Potter film in theaters when it first came out back in 2001. I can’t recall specifics, but don’t believe I particularly wanted to see it and further think I was dragged if not kicking and screaming than at least pouting by people with whom I no longer associate (and I think my friend Dan was there as well).

    It’s tough for me to objectively judge that experience in retrospect as I was already fairly bound and determined to dislike whatever came on the screen and recalling the company I kept for those two and a half hours does the memory no favors. I decided then and there I would have nothing to do with the little wizard boy and his adventures moving forward.

    This was a vow I stuck by with vigor despite the turns my life took over the past decade. New friends who want to make an evening of seeing the new Harry Potter? Have fun, nerds, I’ll stay home and read comics. Date and marry a girl who loves the books and movies? I’ll practically pay Jim McCann to drive over and see the latest with you while I go to Transformers—lesser of two evils? History will decide—darling. Kevin comes to work in full glasses, school boy and drawn-on scar costume for no reason? Well, that anecdote really doesn’t match up with the others, but it totally happened and I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring it up every chance I get.

    But with time and love, I suppose we all grow a bit softer and put aside our childish wars. It was with this maturity and boundless generosity that I made the following deal with my wife: I would watch all the Harry Potter movies with her before the last one came out so I could go see it with her and her friends.

    And I did it. Yes, I am that awesome a husband. There was a second part of the deal that stipulated she was to watch all the Rocky movies with me, but that seems to have fallen to the wayside…

    Anyhow, what do you know, those movies aren’t too bad. Hey, I’m not saying they’re masterpieces and I don’t think I’ll be re-watching them any time soon—the last one was crazy dull—but the stories are wildly creative, the acting is pretty uniformly strong and the visual world brought to life is remarkable. I have to commend everybody from the lady who wrote the books to the cast to every crew member for entertaining me for more than a few hours and not losing my focus. I really do have tremendous respect for the folks responsible for this franchise.

    However, there is no question much of my enjoyment has also come from the ability to point out huge, gaping holes in logic that my lack of emotional attachment to this material has gifted me with.

    I give you now, as best I can remember it, the inspired tirade I went on directed at the aforementioned Kevin in a public New York City park across the street from Marvel as we lunched that addressed the central flaw in the world of Harry Potter and drew the attention of more than a few concerned onlookers…

    Say you run a school and you’ve got a profiler—maybe a person, maybe a hat—that is able to ascertain whether a young person is innately good or evil with beyond scientific accuracy. Let’s further suppose that your profiler identifies a solid quarter of your student body as having the propensity for wrongdoing, across the board from troublemaking bullies to potential serial killers. Do you, say, expel the kids who are going to turn out bad so as to not have them reflect poorly on your institution/train them in skills that will aid them on their dark path? Barring that—maybe it’s too harsh—do you at least spread them out, apart from one another, where hopefully they can receive good influences from kinder associations? Do you have your staff pay special care to watching out and making sure they don’t tend toward the wrong side? Or do you PUT THEM ALL TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE AND LET THEM ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER TOWARDS BEING BAD GUYS WHILE DOING NOTHING TO STOP IT?

    If you answered the third option, congratulations, you’re the new headmaster at Hogwarts.


    Also, the school should have been shut down years ago for endangering students and the time travel sequence in the third movie has massive functional problems.

    For the most part though, fun movies! We’ll see if I still feel that way after I have to go to the theme park in August…
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