Samstag, 16. Juli 2011

Day 10 - Discuss your first love and kiss

Wow... What a topic! Now it got me going back digging through tons and tons of memories trying to remember them. Think I can remember tiny bity stuff about my 1st experiences though. *chuckles*

If I ain't mistaken, my 1st love would be someone I would call as "Black Rose" with whom I fell in love with at 1st sight. I am a shy person when it comes to love and all. *blush* I think I was about 11 years old when it happened when I 1st laid my eyes on her. Gosh I still have those goosebumps!! LOL

We were from 2 different family background and basically our parents were not exactly friends but rivals. Sounds like a tragic story ? Anyways, since I saw her, I think I went totally "goo goo gaa gaa" over her. Anything I did, didn't really go well due to my new found feelings. I got my 1st chance to talk to her just a couple of weeks later where there was some classical dance show which we went to watch.

Surprisingly enough, her seat and mine were next to each other. So I took that chance to talk to her and got to know her. Think a few days later we both got hooked up with each other. Though I honestly can't remember how long it lasted, it was a great relationship. I know at 11 years old, what can would I know about love?

But that particular relationship actually thought me a lot about how to love a person. The sad thing is that I never learned how to love a person enough as whenever I fell, I fell too deep. The deeper you fall, the deeper the scar they say. Though I've moved on from so many relationships, I still carry the good memories and the scars along the way. Tried to forget but history just kept repeating itself on me that I gave up trying to forget.

Moving onto my 1st kiss experience, I think I got my 1st kiss under a full moon at exactly 12am of my birthday 14th February. The 1st and last valentines day that I ever got to celebrate. Been wanting to celebrate it so badly with that special someone but it just never seemed to happen. Hoped and got hurt.

Ish, keep getting to the wrong side. *face palm*

I remember we were counting down for my birthday under the full moon, at the highest hill nearby a coastal highway. There was a shooting star exactly few seconds before 12am so being the young and silly kid, I closed my eyes making my wish. Halfway through my wish, I got my 1st kiss and birthday wish.

I don't know if it was a curse or she wished that I would not celebrate valentines with anyone else, things never worked out for any other valentines days ever since. It's been 8 years since. Somehow we were forced to break up when she moved away all of sudden. That was the last I ever saw nor heard from her. Wonderful girl she was.

Hmm... Did I cover the topic? Hehehe... Not gonna give out too much details of course! =P  Now don't you all think too far yea.... Fortunately enough I got to write so soon. Though I would have loved to write about something else, since I've been taking forever to finish this thought I'd go on with this challenge 1st.

Since this mean there is more stories are coming by, stay tuned guys!! Thanks for the support once again! *bows* Signing out for today.

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